Computer Science Mobile Development

120 Days
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This advance course has been designed to furnish you with the core competency to become an expert in an "iOS Mobile Application Development". With this course, you learn the core functionality of "iOS FRAMEWORK" and interact with it using the powerful and intuitive "SWIFT 3.0 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE". Focus remains hands-on experience in iOS development, create your own app portfolio through in-depth practice projects. 

For mobile app developers who want to accelerate with increasingly complex "MOBILE HARDWARE & MOBILE SOFTWARE PLATFORM" as well as makes average 50 percent more than web developers, keeping their skill demand on TOP of today market.    

What you LEARN?

In this course you will learn, 

  • BASIC Features of iOS and Swift
  • ADVANCE features of iOS and Swift
  • iOS 10 CORE Framework
  • FUNDAMENTALS of Swift 3 programming language
  • USAGE of UI elements and interfaces
  • HANDS-ON with classes, methods, message integrations, notifications
  • HANDS-ON with Siri kit implementation
  • PRACTICING How to Publish & Maintain your App 
  • TEST your knowledge by practicing APP project in each lesson


  • 492 Resources
  • 0 Codes
  • 34 Exercises
  • Lifetime Access
  • Job Assistance
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Resume Building

Reasons to learn

    • Quality of Applications
    • Popular Platform
    • Involvement of Money
    • Your App Presence
    • Decreased Fragmentation
    • Enhanced Security 
    • Better Customer experience
    • Complemented User experience
    • Flexible User Interface
    • Better Scalability & App Quality
    • Aesthetically Designed Icons for Apps


As such, there No official prerequisites for this course. However, basic computer skills are recommended

Target Audience

  • Any Individual who wants to make successful career in mobile app development
  • Students who wish to learn iOS app development
  • Web developers interested in expanding their skillset to iOS app development
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a working app prototype in iOS & validate their ideas
  • Mobile developers who want to enrich their Mobile App Portfolio with Swift programming 

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