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React Native

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120 Days
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React Native is an extension of React, a popular JavaScript framework to develop web applications, which allows you to build native Android and iOS applications in JavaScript.Unlike Ionic and Cordova, which promote write once run everywhere but doesn’t offer you to create a native app, React Native does convert your code into native code, especially for GUI. This means, instead of running your application in a web browser or WebView like ionic and Cordova, you get a chance to develop a native application for both Android and iOS in JavaScript. In short, React Native is the fastest way to build native mobile apps for Android and iOS and trusted by big companies like Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Airbnb, and more. If you want to learn something new in 2018, then React Native is a good choice.

What you LEARN?

In this course you will learn React’s popular JSX markup language, combining HTML and Javascript and get quickly trained on breaking down large applications into much smaller component-based solutions that you can re-use throughout your code. You will also learn about how ‘props’ and ‘state’ work, more importantly, understand what they exactly are, what they do, and why do you need them. In short, this is one of the great courses to begin your journey into the beautiful world of mobile and app development.


  • 493 Resources
  • 0 Codes
  • 31 Exercises
  • Job Assistance
  • Lifetime Access
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free session
  • Resume Building

Reasons to learn

        HANDs-ON experience

    1. There are practicing APP projects in each lesson
    2. Project completion is mandatory to move to next lesson 

    1. Softices Academy offers course completion certificate. To become a Certified React Native Developer
    2. App Developer, it is compulsory to complete 100% of the course and training projects.


As such, there No official prerequisites for this course. However, basic computer skills are recommended

Target Audience

Any Individual who wants to make successful career in Mobile App Development using React Native, 

  • Any Individual who wants to make successful career in mobile app development
  • Students who wish to learn React Native mobile app development
  • Web developers(Specially ReactJs) interested in expanding their skillset to React Native Mobile app development
  • Entrepreneurs who want to build a working app prototype in Mobile & validate their ideas
  • Mobile developers who want to enrich their Mobile App Portfolio with React Native programming

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