Use of the web site (the “Website”) and its contents are subject to the following terms and conditions. If any of these Terms of Use are unacceptable to you, do not use the Website.

Course :
  • The same course will be completed by us which one has taken on the joining time, and one is not allowed to change the course in any circumstances. If you’re changing the course any way then you’ve to pay fees according to the new course you’ve taken.

  • In any situation, You’re not allowed to transfer or assign your course to anyone. The course should be completed by you only.

  • The taken course has to be completed within its decided timeline.

  • Softices Academy is not responsible for any personal project or things rather than a taken course. We provide only course-related knowledge, solutions and help.

  • Your course details will be available on Softices Academy portal and we’re allowed to share it with other companies for placement related analysis.

  • If you’ve completed the course successfully then course’s lifetime access will be available to you.

  • If you’re not able to pay the complete course fees before the completion of course then and then course’s lifetime access will be disabled and you’re not allowed to open or use the portal.

  • We do not allow to come and sit for practice after the completion of course.

Fees :
  • The student has to complete the course payable fees according to Softices Academy’s terms and conditions.

  • Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable in any condition.

  • You’ve to pay fees according to Softices Academy’s installment conditions and if you’re failed to pay installment fees on time then Softices Academy has the right to disable your course.

Timings :
  • Any course taken by you should be completed within Softices Academy’s decided timeline.

  • A student has to come on his/her time slot which will be decided while joining.

  • Softices academy has the right to permit students to sit after their time slots.

  • Coaching time and batch change rights belong to only Softices Academy and will allow change if it is possible.

  • Softices Academy will be closed on national holidays and Sundays, and we notify in advance for the national holiday leave.

  • After completion of the course, students are not allowed to sit for extra time.

Misscenelious :
  • Any harm by the student knowingly to the academy property, then the expense of harm will be paid by the student only.

  • Any type of misbehavior perform by the student in the academy, then he/she will be terminated and legal action will be taken against the student if required.

  • Smoking and any bad addiction are strictly prohibited in Softices Academy.

  • After completion of the course, you will not allow using any property of Softices Academy.

  • You’re solely responsible for your personal assets.

  • You’re solely responsible for your laptop’s data and software. We do not take any responsibility for any of your belongings in any situation.

  • Softices Academy is only responsible for students when they are in the academy and any details during this time will be given to parents according to camera limits. Students outside of the academy will not be responsible for the academy in any situation.

  • Academy will not responsible for any illegal activities of students using academy assets and they are strictly prohibited to do it. But if they caught doing illegal activities then they solely responsible for their behavior.

  • If you’re not able to complete your course because of your personal reasons then you can not give any negative feedback/review anywhere.

  • Softices Academy has all rights to decide whether they want to show your academy related review or feedback or not.

  • If any student takes any legal action against the academy for defamation or any other action then compensation for the claim will be paid 80% of the course fees by students.

Placement :
  • After course completion, the academy will arrange 10 interviews for the student if they don’t attend it or don’t accept any job offers then the academy’s job placement responsibilities will be over.

  • After getting a job, if the company will terminate you under the 3 months for their reasons then our academy placement will responsible for another placement, but if you’re terminated because of your low performance or any other reasons then the academy will not be responsible for placement.

  • If you’re not eligible due to the company’s norms/documents/job joining process or any other reasons then academy will not be responsible for placement.

  • If you’re giving fraud documents and get terminated because of it then the academy will not responsible.

  • Company’s choice for job placement will not depend upon the students.

  • Interview preparation will start with the course completion and academy is not responsible for placement if you don’t want to go through it.

  • Academy is not responsible if any company will put you in blacklist because of your fraud documents.

  • We’re not giving any guarantee to a minimum scale of salary to any students.

Changes to terms of use are binding. We may change these Terms of Use from time to time without advance notice. Your use of the Website or any of its content after any changes have been made will constitute your agreement on a prospective basis to the modified Terms of Use and all of the changes. Accordingly, you should read these Terms of Use from time to time for any changes.

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