Learn how to work efficiently and effectively with Adobe Photoshop. This advanced Photoshop course has been designed to develop you with the core functionality of Photoshop and become an expert "Graphics Designer". With this course, you learn basic and advanced features of "PhotoShop" and an overview of related graphics design software. Focus remains hands-on experience in Photoshop Design including tips and short-cuts, create your own design portfolio through in-depth design practice projects.

What will you LEARN in Photoshop Course?   

    Topics include in Photoshop training are,  

  •  Opening documents in Photoshop
  •  Opening files from Bridge and Lightroom
  •  Working with multiple documents
  •  Panning and zooming documents
  •  Customizing the Photoshop interface 
  •  Modifying keyboard shortcuts for speed
  •  Choosing color modes, bit depth, and color space
  •  Cropping and transforming images 
  •  Working with adjustment layers & blend modes
  •  Applying nondestructive filters

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Sahil Rajeshbhai Sojitra
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Graphic Designing course- Photoshop
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